Arduino graph software

Arduino graph using Processing

Update: Here is a link to my source code. Some very simple examples, without the buttons, saving data etc. 

This code is for those that want to draw fancy graphs with processing, and use the fasted method to communicate with the Arduino.

Arduino side:

  • Serially sending arrays for different graphs from the chip
       void PlottArray(int Cmd,int Array1[],int Array2[])
           Cmd  -> which graph is this data for?
       Array1[] -> The real time array. Measured micro-seconds
       Array2[] -> Array of measured voltages
  • Serially sending updates for different graphs from the chip

Processing side:

  • A graph class that makes graphing simple with Processing. Drawing bar graphs, smooth  line graphs etc can be quite a mission..

You just have to declare a graph object:  Graph VoltageAndCurrent;


  • Saving and loading data to a text file
  • Efficient serial link to the Arduino (Error checking etc)

9 thoughts on “Arduino graph software

  1. Hi,
    I am new to Arduino and I am looking for a software to display data from a 0 – 5 V signal attached to the ADC of the Arduino (actually the output of a photodiode transimpendance amplifier). I was looking for a software which displays the data much in a way your screenshot looks like. Therefore I can hardly wait to see your progress and also the final result.



  2. hey mate, i’ve looked at a lot of your graphing tutorials and Im in a bit of a dilema here.
    Basically for my final year project. I’ve hacked into a weighing scale.

    When the serial port in the arduino starts, I ask a user to
    1. Enter the price of the product. (the user must type the value and press enter, to proced further)
    2. Enter the pallet weight. (the user must type the value and press enter, to proced further)
    3. Enter the weight the product. (the user must type the value and press enter, to proced further)

    (The program then displays what the user has entered)

    The price you entered is:
    The pallet weight you entered:
    The weight of the product you entered:

    (The program now runs in a LOOPS until the RESET button has been pressed):
    The weight of the product without the pallet
    The number of items placed on the weighing scale
    The number total values of stock $$$

    Type RESET to reset the program.
    My job here is to make a real time monitoring graph that with that display the number of items on the Y axis and the time on the x axis. So basically as the user places or removes the items (such as say 10 beer bottles) on the scale. The apps shows this happening.

    I looked at the bar graph example and was thinking about perhaps using analog pin 0 for the normal calculations such as price & pallet weight… and then using pin1 to display the values of just the weight on the serial monitor.

    The problem is im very useless at processing, as i’ve never used it before. Processing code drives my head crazy.

    Is there anyway to do this?


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